Committee Foundation Kacema Musuma



Corry Zimmer

Nuenen (NL)
E-mail:  or


Mrs. Corry Zimmer joined the board in September 2020. She didn’t have the opportunity yet to visit Kacema Musuma Children’s Home, but she certainly intends to do so. The project appeals to her very much and Corry embraces the objectives associated with this foundation.







Maaike Snoep

New York (USA)
E-mail: or
M: +12133046793


Mrs. Maaike Snoep has enjoyed the ups and downs of the children’s home through the enthusiastic stories of her mother Conny Snoep-Melis. In March 2020, Maaike visited New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home with her parents. She is determined to continue the work of her mother. In addition, Maaike established an American branch of the Kacema Foundation in August 2020 in order to recruit foreign donors.





Legien Kromkamp

Ambt Delden (NL)
E-mail: or
M: +31(0)6 55 52 58 99


Legien Kromkamp has been closely involved in the establishment of the Kacema Foundation from the start and has visited Kacema Musuma Children’s Home in Kawambwa twice with her partner before the construction of the children’s home was started. Legien studied the cooperation with the sisters of the Congregation during her first visit. Legien has a good relationship with Sr. Maria.





Joost Snoep

Heino (NL)
E-mail: or
T: +31(0) 572 39 25 30 or M: +31(0)6 53 33 75 60


Mr. Joost Snoep, like Maaike, has spent many years sympathizing with the ups and downs of the children’s home. Together with Conny Snoep-Melis and previous board members, he visited Kacema Musuma in Kawambwa several times.







Nicole Ligeh-de Bone

Wijhe (NL)
E-mail: or


Mrs. Nicole Ligeh-de Bone had been involved in the background with Kacema Musuma Children’s Home for many years. She selflessly kept the website up-to-date and will continue to do so in the future. She has been to Kawambwa three times and has also visited the children’s home during those visits.






Conny Snoep-Melis

Heino (NL)

Honorary Member

Mrs. Conny Snoep-Melis, she was involved right from the start in 2005 and is the founder of the Kacema Foundation for New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home in Kawambwa.

Foundation / ANBI

We have received the designation “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” (ANBI) from the tax authorities. This ANBI designation means that our foundation is an official recognized charitable institution. Our ANBI number is 816882563. Thanks to the ANBI status, all donations are tax deductible. For further information about this, please contact our treasurer. He will be happy to help you.


Policy plan

The foundation board, aided by enthusiastic volunteers, is trying to raise funds to support the New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home in Kawambwa, Zambia.

To promote continuity, we strive to find donors who are willing to make an annual donation over a longer period. In addition to financial help, the children’s home is also assisted with advice and action. There is a lot of contact back and forth. In 2014, in addition to Kacema Musuma Children’s Home, the Kacema Study Fund Foundation ( was established to offer children of this children’s home the (financial) opportunity to follow a follow-up study in their own country after successfully finishing secondary school.

We wholeheartedly support initiatives to allow the children’s home to generate its own income. Unfortunately, the children’s home will never be able to become self-sufficient financially. Still, Sr. Maria doing her very best, see homepage.


Remuneration policy

The board members of the Kacema Foundation pay all costs themselves, such as newsletters, telephone, postage, film, domain for website, travel, etc., except for the bank costs (cannot be influenced).

The loving, hard-working employees of the children’s home in Kawambwa, earn a decent salary (including pension) that is above the Zambian minimum wage. Of course, they eat in the children’s home during their working days / nights. The “Mammies”, the caring sisters, work on a voluntary basis from their congregation.



The Kacema Foundation has the objective to offer (financial) help to New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home. In order to provide the children living in New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home really a “home” and a loving and good education to grow up till happy and fit young adults with family feelings and a good perspective for the future.

The foundation tries to realize this target by applying the available financials directly, without the intervention of outsiders, for housing, care and education of the children and residents of the children’s home. We are doing this in every possible way respecting all legal rules.


Financial accountability

The financial flow is as follows. The foundation has a Rabobank account in the Netherlands where donations are received. In Zambia we do have an account at the Zanaco bank. Once or twice a year a money is transferred from the Rabobank account to the Zanaco bank account.
Every month a fixed amount of money is transferred from this Zanaco bank account to the Zanaco bank account of New Kacema Musuma Children’s Home. Sr. Maria Katonkola, the sister in charge, is the only one who has access to this account. She uses this money to pay all the costs of the children’s home. Sr. Maria keeps a correct administration of the expenditures through an accounting program and reports these figures to the board of the Kacema Foundation every six months.