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13-05-2016: Yes, the six men had to leave again for Lusaka Airport. While the Zambia-Dutch cooperation had been so well these four days, the Zambian brick-layers handed over their BUILDERS-FLAG to the Dutch as a trophy.

17. Prachtig werk, Bouwteam Hoogland!

09-05-2016: Six Dutch men arrived to assist the Zambian brick-layers with the construction of the school. They would work very hard at this construction for 4 days!

12. Resultaat voor dat mannen uit Hoogland komen

30-04-2016: The school’s foundation is ready! Sr. Maria is SO happy with the school!
The workers have started porring concrete. They mix the concrete by hand missing a mill (not available in Kawambwa).

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   9. Begin storten van vloer

19-04-2016: Medicines for Ruben have arrived from the Netherlands by DHL Express within 6 days.
Just in time and enough for one year.

Thanks to the wonderful cooperation with Ruben’s doctor Sr. Ornella in Lusaka, and two pharmacists
in The Netherlands we have found these very special medicines for Ruben.
We’ve also found a donor who is so generous to sponsor Ruben’s expensive medicines for years,
which is incredible and wonderful. See also Ruben’s progress under “MOVIES”


After waiting for the end of the wet season
the digging for the foundation of  the new
school has very neatly been done, as you see.
Dry season is from April till Oct/ Nov.

Now a part of these 2000 concrete blocks together
with concrete, crushed stones and sand
will give the school a safely strong base.
These 2.000 concrete blocks have been made
by one man, it’s not even half of the total amount!


2000 betonblokken tbv school       Uitgraven school


03-10-2015: ‘our Sr. Mable had organized a celebration service in church and a party in a tent for for Sr. Maria and the children: Many people attended! All people enjoyed it very much. Sr. Maria was very, very happy!

Feest Sr. Maria 25 jarig Jubileum

30-08-2015: ‘Mammie nr. ONE’ (Sr. Maria) has been Sister of the congregation ‘Sisters of the Child Jesus’ for 25 years officialy.

10-08-2015: Joyce, student of last year nursing in Lusaka, together with Ruben. For more information see the Newsletter Kacema Musuma 2015-2016.

Joyce en Ruben

29-10-2013 : click here for Newsletter Kacema Musuma 2013!

01-03-2013: All children who had to write their exams have passed! Joyce (with 19 years the oldest) likes to become a nurse and is looking for placement in nurse-study in a hospital in Ndola.

Last December all 11 employees have decided to have their own private bank account at Zanaco Bank Kawambwa, free of charge, including ATM card. Now Sr. Maria can transfer all salaries to the different bank accounts automatically (and for free!), which saves here money, time and energy and gives more safety avoiding walking around with lots of cash money.

After finishing the big water project for fruit and vergetable garden and the for using in the home (see newsletter 2012) now two other important issues have come up to think about:

1. How can we achieve more room for the baby /small ones’ department? As you’ll understand the babies grow and need more room. The idea is to make a door to the next room (which is now Sr. Theophista’s room). The Sister could move into one of the two guestrooms.

2. How do ‘our’ children get easily used to working at computers? We’ve been thinking of having some tablets. But the internet world can also harm them in many ways. So what would be wise? We don’t like them to get behind in compare to other children and make them prepared for their future…..

3. Sr. Maria will gather as much information as she can about this subject.

We’ll keep you informed.


BIG project 2012: second borehole (75 m deep), steel tower (8 m high) with 10.000 liter watertank on top, solar pump, solar panels en irrigation system installed.

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